teenagers life this is what weare talking about :)

teenagers life this is what weare talking about :)

Sabado, Agosto 18, 2012

The Encounter of Healing Hands


He was standing near in the stairs 
As he hear the noise in the metropolis 
Then a young man cries due to his sickness 
but a hope begins when a newly born baby passes 

Tubes were connected into young man's veins
Tears fallen into his eyes because of those pains
In addition to a huge wound all over his tummy 
 A bunches of staple connects the dissected body

Then there was grace from our Almighty came 
Which gives an uncountable smiles to a man's frame
In just a few hours of happiness being enjoyed
Paroxysm diminished through numerous laughed

He always used to fight because of his believers

He realizes how great he is as he touches others
He gives emphasis on the gifts he always received
and that's how distress an individual being molded 

Appendicitis = appendi+sites ...

                            I always used to asked myself why do this sickness touches me , is it true that I'll undergo in a surgery ? ... I stayed almost two weeks in the hospital and out of those days spending there I've seen so lot of scenarios that are worst rather the pain that I have. On those days I also realize how does a healing hands of God works, these hands were the reason why I recover in my sickness; a hands that is so powerful and effective rather than the medicines given by the doctors ... 
                                   As I stayed on the hospital too I do also realized that there are so lot of people believes in me, care for me and loves me. They visited me even the catastrophe goes I do admired their effort that's why I make sure that I'll overcome this pain. As I saw them I don't know what reaction should I say and act to them , I want to cry and yes I did it in the front of them not because of pain but because of the gift that I received from our Almighty. Out of a dull clouds a hope rises inside of me because of the love, support and miracles showered on me ...
                                  This experiences made me realized that out of those dextrose, tubes and dissection I've encountered which symbolizes a dark era of my life , a miracle will surely happen and it only based on you on how will you categorize and recognize it as a heavenly gift above or not ...
                                  I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to my family, friends and barkada ( batang pinas ) and to all who pray for my recovery ... Thank you so much and it will be forever treasured by my heart ...

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